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Las Vegas Sands Corp. selects CheetahMail for e-mail

The Las Vegas Sands Corp. announced it has selected Experian’s CheetahMail to power its e-mail marketing communications.

The hotel and casino chain will work with CheetahMail to help build its e-mail strategy and focus on customer loyalty programs. The e-mail program will include segmentation based on whether a customer is more likely to play in the casino or stay in the hotel. Offers are customized based on behavior and demographic data in the customer profile.

“[Sands] looks to provide special offers to different guests based on their previous play or hotel stays, and the e-mails are tailored to these different audiences,” said Daniel Schotland, senior director of client services, at Experian CheetahMail.

In addition, the Las Vegas Sands Corp. tailors messages geographically, which is integral to a brand that has resort locations with different audiences throughout the world. The main regions include Las Vegas, Pennsylvania and Asia Pacific, specifically Macau. The group has hotels in all three of these regions.

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