Sells Custom-Fit Chinos

Lands' End Inc. is selling custom-made chinos via its Web site, according to reports.

After entering measurements at, shoppers can receive a pair of personalized pants. The company plans to expand the offerings to include jeans and eventually dressy slacks, shirts and swimsuits.

Bill Bass, senior vice president of e-commerce at Lands' End, hopes the catalog's customers will spend 40 percent more for a better fit. Regular Lands' End chinos sell for $34 to $39. Custom-made versions are $54.

He said the company tested 1,500 of its loyal chino customers and found that more than half preferred the custom-made versions.

Lands' End, Dodgeveill, WI, thinks the option will draw new customers who hadn't shopped online for clothing because of concerns regarding fit.

Consumers answer questions regarding height, weight, shoe size and other body shape details. They also can select pocket options, fit styles and colors.

Based on initial test results, Bass expects returns to be low. Any unwanted garments will be sold to its outlet stores.

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