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Land Rover by Wunderman

Land Rover tapped Wunderman to promote the launch of its 2010 model at the NY International Auto Show. Wunderman harnessed the real-time power of Twitter to extend the reach of the show to interested members of the Land Rover community not in attendance.

“We got the community working for us,” explains Nick Moore, chief creative officer at Wunderman. “We created a new hash tag, #LRNY, to trail and create a follower group, initially made up of journalists at the show, to really drive the involvement and interest of the unveiling of the 2010 model,” he says.

The goal of the campaign was to not only raise awareness of the new model, but to drive traffic to www.LandRoverUSA.com. It was successful on both fronts.

“People talk about community campaigns, but if the community doesn’t embrace and take on the subject and the brand, then it’s just a mailing list,” Moore says. “For a short period of time we had a very active and vibrant community that took off beyond expectations.”

The Land Rover community was built organically through press packs given to journalists at the show and through ambient media at the venue directing attendees to the Twitter page.

“Creative thinking these days is about a combination of ideas, writing and art direction, but also innovative media thinking, and there’s a sweet spot where all of those elements meet, and this is one of them,” Moore explains. “This is something we can do in 2009 that we could not have done in 2007,” he points out.

Nick Moore, Wunderman, Chief Creative Officer
Keith Rhodes, Wunderman, Vp/Account Director
Thomas Steadman, Y/R, Svp/Account Director
Stephanie O’curran, Y/R, Vp/Account Director
Miles Turpin, Y/R, Svp/Creative Director
Dan Morales, Y/R, Svp/Creative Director
Courtney Dirksen, Wunderman, Management Supervisor
Jennifer Mottershead, Y/R, Account Supervisor
Matt Tarulli, Wunderman, Creative Lead Art
Sal Lombardo, Y/R, Art Director
Cameron Kellock, Wunderman, Executive Creative Director
Russell Clark, Wunderman, Senior Production Manager
Marisa Kahle, Y/R, Account Executive
Leslie Rubin, Wunderman, Junior Art Director
Steve Klausner, Wunderman, Copywriter

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