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Lance Armstrong Foundation launches custom magazine to e-mail database

The nonprofit Lance Armstrong Foundation has launched LiveStrong Quarterly, a custom publication aimed at cancer survivors and their advocates. The magazine was developed by Spot On Media.

Margot Sandenbergh, COO and editorial director of Spot On, said that LiveStrong.org has an e-mail database of three million, with one-third opting in for e-mail newsletters. The group sent the first issue last month to 100,000 database members.

The group sent e-mail messages to database members during the last week of January to ask them to opt in for the magazine, Sandenbergh said. Thirty-eight percent of those members did so.

“This is a company with very high brand recognition with a very loyal client base,” she said. “The advertisers will now be able to reach these people who are so passionate and engaged with health and wellness, and have their brands aligned with the LiveStrong brand.”

Advertisers can place ads online, as well as in the print edition. Sandenbergh said there are also opportunities for event marketing and sponsorships with the organization.

The publication’s target audience is a psychographic, rather than an age or gender group, said Sandenbergh. She added that when the foundation launched, members skewed more male because the founder, Lance Armstrong, is male. However, that has changed.

“Because cancer is something that touches everyone in some way, we’re now more focused on all those that are health-conscious,” she said.

The media outlet will feature profiles of cancer survivors, resources and information on cancer prevention and treatment and articles about general health and fitness. Sandenbergh added that the magazine will also serve as a fundraising vehicle and a communications avenue for the group.

The magazine is free, but Sandenbergh said the company could charge for it in the future.

Calls and e-mails seeking comment to the Lance Armstrong Foundation were not immediately returned.

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