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Kohl’s ups holiday season commitment to digital, direct mail

Kohl’s Department Stores will increase its investment in digital media by 25% this holiday season. The chain will also boost the amount of mailings to Kohl’s Charge Card users, including distributing a men’s holiday gift guide in select markets, it said October 29 in a statement.

The moves are part of Kohl’s integrated holiday marketing campaign, which will focus on promoting savings opportunities at the store, including special deals throughout November and December.

The merchant will also boost its social marketing efforts this holiday season in several ways, including by seeding popular consumer blogs with merchandise giveaways. In addition, Kohl’s Facebook page, which has 700,000 fans, will adopt the look and feel of the holiday campaign. Shoppers who have opted in to receive e-mail from Kohl’s can post sales offers to their Facebook pages.

The retailer will also use direct mail to inform consumers about savings opportunities. Select charge-card holders will also receive a gift guide and jewelry mailer, as well as a men’s holiday gift guide, which is new this year.

Kohl’s said in a statement that it will have a stronger media presence than last year. The first of two 30-second national brand TV spots will debut November 2. These will be supplemented with 10- and 30-second spots showcasing specific events.

In addition, the retailer is optimizing its presence in media with high ROI, such as radio.

A variety of 30-second national radio spots will air beginning November 2 in select markets.

The multichannel merchant will also promote sales events throughout November and December with homepage takeovers of AOL, MSN, Yahoo and other popular sites.

In addition, at more than 30 newspaper Web sites, consumers will be able to browse Kohl’s products when interacting with an online ads.

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