KnowledgeBase Offers New USPS Address Technology

NEW YORK — KnowledgeBase Marketing Inc. has been certified by the U.S. Postal Service to immediately begin delivery of the Delivery Sequence File Second Generation and Delivery Point Validation services, the Richardson, TX, company said at DMD Marketing Conference New York here yesterday.

Delivery Sequence File Second Generation is a list management tool that gives mailers important address attributes. For example, it classifies an address as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency address or private mailbox, a business or residence, a vacant or seasonal residence. It also identifies the mail delivery method, such as curbside delivery, door slot, neighborhood delivery and collection box unit, or central delivery. The service also provides true delivery sequence numbers for saturation mailings, giving clients walk sequence and saturation mailing discounts.

Delivery Point Validation is offered as part of CASS-certified address correction and standardization processing. While CASS added ZIP+4 to addresses within an acceptable range, DPV enhances CASS by verifying that an address exists.

The new services complement KnowledgeBase Marketing's DirectSuccess suite of processing services, which include proprietary systems for CASS-certified address hygiene, National Change of Address, merge/purge and back-end processes.

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