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Know Your Customers, Grow Your Revenue

Marketers who use data to react to customers in real time will also drive profitable sales.

You think you know your customers. But what you see on the surface is rarely the complete picture. You have to dig into the data to get that unique view of customers that enables a wow experience. One customer loves soccer and Scotch, so you drop him into segment A. Turns out that he also has teacup Yorkie twins and regularly posts videos of them cavorting from his smartphone. With that insight you can target him differently, in the context of the moment.

Indeed, marketers who use data to enhance the customer experience—through timely, relevant communications and offers—will improve customer relationships and, as a result, increase profitable revenue. Conversely, marketers who mistarget or don’t target at all risk disenfranchising their customers, or worse, leaving them open to competitors’ overtures.

Jeanne Bliss will discuss how to react to customers in the moment within a holistic strategic marketing plan. You’ll learn how to

  • Tear down the silos inside marketing
  • Bring disparate data sources together to bolster customer analytics
  • Deliver value at all customer interaction points
  • Respond in real time in the context of the moment
  • Link customer experience improvements to revenue growth

There’s a huge upside to marketing based on individual customer data, and a huge downside to doing it wrong—or do nothing at all. Register today to get the insight you need to do it right. 

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