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Kidsave turns to PEP Direct for direct mail campaign

Kidsave, a nonprofit child advocacy organization, has tapped PEP Direct as its agency of record in charge of strategic, creative and production services for the company’s direct mail fundraising program.

In a mail campaign that dropped on May 7, PEP Direct created two packages that were sent out to 25,000 prospects in a small selection of states. A photo package that included pictures and stories of children helped by Kidsave was sent to 12,500 prospects. The other 12,500 packages were a straight appeal that contained a letter, reply card and bounceback card. All packages were mailed to people who donated to children’s causes and donors to international relief causes.

“We’re going to help Kidsave expand their audience base through direct mail, which is not just for soliciting donations but is also for getting awareness out there of the children they’re helping,” said Megan Gibeau, VP of strategic and client services at PEP Direct. “The DM program is two-pronged: first and foremost it’s about education and getting their name out there, and then it’s also to help raise funds support those programs.” 

PEP Direct will also provide results analysis and donation processing for Kidsave. The direct mail campaign kicking off this month is the first large-scale direct fundraising program from Kidsave, but it’s not the first time that the advocacy group has worked with PEP Direct. Kidsave first worked with the agency on an acquisition mailing in October 2006.

Kidsave will leverage PEP Direct’s acquisition packages and donor series packages to gain community support for its programs, which help older foster children find permanent families and mentors. PEP Direct will also assist the organization in putting on grassroots community events, telemarketing and producing public service announcements.

Three PEP Direct executives are working on the Kidsave account, along with other PEP team members.

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