Kia Soul by David & Goliath

Kia turned to independent creative agency David & Goliath to extend the Kia Soul into the digital space. The current site brings the SUV online through video and interactive games.

In May of this year, the Soul’s “A new way to roll” campaign was launched. The effort included an updated microsite separate from that maintained the lightheartedness of the model, typified by games featuring a hamster and a two-minute audio clip from Kia’s designer explaining the unique inspiration behind the design.

“We introduced the ‘Escape from Hamsterdam‘ game to give people an experience, and hopefully having things like that and the four different tracks that you can download will give people a reason to go back to the site, instead of just going one time,” says Joseph Danluck, digital art director at David & Goliath. “We wanted to give it more of a word-of-mouth spread,” he says.

Chief Creative Officer
David Angelo

Executive Creative Director
Colin Jeffery

Design Director
John Kieselhorst

Art Director
Jospeh Danluck

Aryan Aminzadeh

Digital Director
Rick Schmitz

Karni Baghdikian

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