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KFC, Draftfcb launch grilled chicken campaign

KFC has kicked off a new multichannel campaign called “UNThink” to promote its first foray into grilled chicken products.

Draftfcb Chicago, KFC’s agency of record since 2003, produced the campaign, which spans digital, mobile, print, TV and out-of-home ads. The catchphrase “UNThink” is the product of a Draftfcb “Creative Rumble” that was held last November, and is intended to encourage consumers to think about KFC in a new way.

“Our target audience for the campaign is medium and light users/acceptors who have been visiting KFC less because they’re eating fried chicken less often or not at all,” explained Rick Maynard, a spokesperson for KFC. “The introduction of Kentucky Grilled Chicken now gives them a reason to come back to KFC and to visit more often.”

UNThink has its own microsite — www.unthinkkfc.com — where visitors will be able to launch TV spots and outtakes, learn more about celebrity chef endorsers like Sandra Lee, play games and create an iPhone application. Banner ads and ads on KFC.com will be used to drive consumers to the UNThink site.

As part of the UNThink promotional blitz, KFC is sponsoring a grilled chicken giveaway called “UNFry Day” on Monday, April 27, to encourage consumers to try the new grilled product. The goal, Maynard said, was to give away at least 5 million pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken that day.

“As the only QSR (quick service restaurant) chicken brand with a true national footprint, we expect KFC will be the absolute leader in the grilled chicken space, not only because of our scale but because we tested and retested until we know we had an absolutely great tasting grilled product,” he said.

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