Keynote Buys Enviz to Launch User Experience Testing Service

NEW YORK — Keynote Systems Inc., an Internet performance measurement company, yesterday announced the acquisition of Enviz, a Redwood City, CA, company that measures and analyzes the quality of experience of Web site end users.

The acquisition has led to the formation of WebEffective, Keynote said at its Global Internet Performance Conference East here. A service or hosted application, WebEffective will determine whether a site meets business goals and identify effectiveness issues.

“WebEffective is a far superior method for collecting, reporting and testing user experience than traditional approaches such as focus groups or user panels because it evaluates the behavior of actual Web site users rather than panelists who attempt to simulate real user behavior,” a Keynote statement said.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

WebEffective analyzes issues like how users interact with pages, how they navigate using back and forward buttons, whether they encounter problems, why they do not complete key business processes and whether their needs are met.

Keynote, San Mateo, CA, said that WebEffective targets sites that are dynamic and database-backed and those that are high volume with myriad low transactions or low volume with high-value sales.

These services aim to help operations and IT executives improve the technical performance of a site, especially in user experience, design and usability. The service costs $25,000 and up.

WebEffective will complement Keynote's benchmarking, diagnosing, testing and application performance management services. It also can work with Web analytical monitoring tools like WebTrends, which is used for ongoing reporting of macro-level site metrics such as traffic volume, click-stream data and page hits.

Concurrent with this Enviz announcement, Keynote also introduced the Enterprise HTML Toolbox, an appliance-based Web content and integrity testing service, and Test Perspective 5.0, an update of its self-service Web site load-testing service.

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