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Kenshoo’s new tool uses search ad clicks to target audiences on Facebook

With its new “Intent-Driven Audiences” feature, digital marketing tech firm Kenshoo will enable marketers to identify audiences on Facebook after they’ve clicked on the brand’s search ads.

The new tool aims to create a single view of a customer across two giant publishing platforms. Let’s say a customer types in something they’re looking for on Google. When the results show up, they also see a display ad or sponsored listing for a company that has paid for those search terms. If they click on that ad, the brand will be able to create a virtual profile of that customer, based on their search term and browsing activity. They can then follow up with that customer by targeting them with another ad on Facebook, creating an effective one-two punch of advertising across platforms.

“Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting capabilities allow marketers to reach the people that matter most to them – their loyal customers. Kenshoo’s Intent-Driven Audiences allows advertisers to bridge audiences across marketing channels by bringing together consumer intent signals from search campaigns and Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting capabilities to drive better results for their marketing efforts,” said Blake Chandlee, VP of Partnerships, Facebook.

Till now, brands were only able to follow up with customers on Facebook if they had visited their website (by placing a Facebook tracking pixel on it) Kenshoo’s targeting works pretty much the same way , with a similiar data anchor being created whenever somebody clicks on the search ad, giving the brand an indication that the clicker is potentially interested in their product. This enables the marketer to chase down the lead on Facebook, with a range of ads and messaging types, including display, discount offers, downloads and calls-to-action.

Kenshoo says it conducted a year long test with the new feature and the results were very encouraging. In a company blog post, it wrote:

Facebook campaigns targeting Intent-Driven Audiences achieved up to 110% higher ROI and 66% lower CPC than their analogous SEM campaigns. Additionally, Kenshoo IDA campaigns on Facebook had significant positive impact on paid search campaign performance with SEM campaign conversion rate increasing by 19%, lifting paid search revenue by an incremental 22%.

So far Kenshoo’s the only Facebook PMD to offer this service, but it isn’t exclusive to them. However, it is one of the few PMD’s to have extensive capabilities in both search and social media advertising, and with this new product combining the two, it’s got a valuable headstart ahead of the competition.

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