Keeping Brand Assets in a Brand’s Hands

NAPC, a content management company with retailer customers such as Sears and Macy’s, has launched a unit that seeks to increase brands’ speed-to-market abilities by keeping all their digital assets in the hands of their own marketing teams.

The new business unit, Brandobility, will work in tandem with NAPC’s Bynder content solution to aid brand teams in organizing their logos, photos, videos, Web graphics, guidelines, and campaigns into one self-managed system. The idea is not to cut agencies out of the process, but to avoid executional delays by eliminating confusion over the location of assets and minimizing errors caused by miscommunication.

“Content is King, and the King needs a castle,” NAPC COO Kenny Kirsch said in a statement. “We’re helping brands organize all their content into a single place for accessing, sharing and repurposing content with Bynder’s software.”

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