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Keep pace with global markets

The dynamics of international mailing have become much more sophisticated and complex. Changing legislation and regulations, security and advancements in technology and systems have made it imperative for businesses to quickly adjust to avoid costly mistakes and delivery delays.

But when done effectively, mailing internationally can help organizations penetrate untapped markets and reach new customers. It can also offer new opportunities to customers and help them overcome challenges. We recently heard from a teacher in Kenya about how the international mailstream made a difference. The teacher’s challenges included limited access to educational resources and sufficient time to prepare for classes. Through an expedited shipment of books from the US, which were ultimately delivered to the teacher by foot in Kenya, he was able to get the resources he needed to prepare before classes started.

Whether it’s sending packages to customers in remote parts of the world or distributing direct mail, publications or other materials, there are key actions that can help organizations achieve success when mailing internationally.

First, give your communications a local look. Matching the culture and feel of your destination country can help increase response rates and revenue.

Second, prepare mailings properly with the in-home date in mind, atuning to the local service standards for delivery. And finally, consider working with an international mail services provider to help streamline the process. They can help work with postal administrations, the Transportation Security Administration and the airlines to help ensure compliance with regulations set by the US government, Homeland Security and International Air Transport Association members.

The dynamics of international mailing will continue to evolve rapidly. By tapping into the international growth engine and taking advantage of opportunities that mail services offer, your organization can connect with more customers around the world. This will help spur growth and provide products and services that might not otherwise be available. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

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