Keep company culture in mind when hiring or recruiting candidates

A positive culture is a big part of the success of an organization. But it can be difficult to maintain a positive environment while hiring, when managers are pressured and are rushing to fill vacant positions.

The economy has done little to impact the many opportunities for tech-savvy talent. Job-seekers are taking advantage of the demand for their skills, and continue to move around for opportunities that add unique experience to their resumes. 

This can make it tempting for hiring managers and recruiters to succumb to a common mistake: hiring the best looking resume. A good resume means a good hire, right? Wrong.

If an organization recognizes and values a great work culture, nothing is more important than hiring with maintaining that culture in mind.

Human resources departments should tweak their hiring process to include interview questions that ask about the way a candidate approaches a situation. Reactions to certain circumstances will tell you much more about a candidate’s culture fit than anything you can read on a resume. For example, rather than asking, “Are you a team player,” ask a candidate to talk about a situation in which he or she successfully collaborated with a difficult person.

Even if it means turning away a highly skilled employee, hiring the right culture fit will produce results. Companies need to clearly identify what their culture is by setting core values and holding people accountable to them. Leadership sets the example and pushes this across the organization.

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