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Katie Couric is officially the new face of ‘Yahoo News’

After weeks of speculation, Yahoo officially confirmed today that news anchor Katie Couric would join the company as the new face of ‘Yahoo News.’

In her new role as ‘Global Anchor,’ Couric will join other journalists such as David Pogue, Megan Liberman and Matt Bai from The New York Times to head up Yahoo’s new digital content unit.

The move highlight’s Yahoo’s shift towards becoming a full fledged content company. Yahoo News has always been a top performing property for the company, and now with heavy hitters such as Couric, Yahoo’s content marketing strategy suddenly looks very promising.

Writing about Couric’s hiring on Yahoo’s official Tumblr, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said:

“I’ve always respected Katie for her thoughtful, charismatic approach to journalism. From pivotal coverage of natural disasters and historic elections to the Royal Wedding and the Olympic Games, groundbreaking interviews with heads of state and leading tastemakers, her experience is unmatched. Katie is dynamic, savvy and has a way of connecting with viewers that I really admire.”

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