Kansas Gov. Signs DNC Bill

Kansas Gov. Bill Graves has approved a do-not-call list law that would require telemarketers to use a list maintained by the Direct Marketing Association when dialing consumers in his state.

The law will take effect July 1. Exemptions include political calls, charity fundraising calls and calls made to consumers with whom a company has a three-year relationship or who have called the company seeking information.

Consumer registration is available by mail for free or online for $5. The law is an amendment to the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, which provides for civil fines of up to $5,000 per violation.

Kansas is the 24th state to pass a DNC list law. Of these, Connecticut, Maine and Wyoming also contract with the DMA for maintenance of their DNC lists

The Kansas Attorney General’s Office has estimated that implementing the DNC list would cost approximately $240,000 in its first year and $194,000 in its second year.

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