Kanoodle Tool Gives More Control Over Link Campaigns

Sponsored link provider Kanoodle has launched a geographic targeting tool aimed at increasing advertisers’ control over their sponsored link campaigns.

This ad scheduling tool not only lets advertisers choose what times their ads run, it also allows targeting of ads by where consumers are located. Advertisers choose when the ad should run and can pause ads in off-peak times.

“We always try to give our advertisers more control over how their budgets are spent,” said Mark Josephson, chief marketing officer for Kanoodle, New York. “The new geo-targeting tool opens up new marketing opportunities for our national and local advertisers as it allows them to finely target their listings to specific markets.

“Think of national insurance companies with different rates by market or the local dry cleaner who only wants to reach customers in a certain market,” he said. “The ad scheduler tool is an enhancement to our existing tool, which allows advertisers to automate their campaigns to turn on and off at set times.”

Recent studies have shown that consumers make 80 percent to 90 percent of their purchases within 10 miles of their home.

Kanoodle’s existing LocalTarget product uses topics to gear ads at consumers based on their identified interests. For example, an ad under the topic “Texas: Dallas” would be found on the Web sites of Dallas television stations, radio stations and newspapers.

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