Kanoodle to Sell Paid Listings Tied to Web Behavior

Kanoodle said yesterday that it will offer behavior-targeted paid listings on Web sites.

The New York-based paid listings company inked a deal with 24/7 Real Media to use its Web analytics software, Insight XE, to track user behavior on participating publishing sites. In addition, Kanoodle will share audience data with the 24/7 Web Alliance ad network of 700 Web sites. Kanoodle did not announce any Web publishers for the BehaviorTarget network, which is set to launch next month.

“On billions of pages, including social networks, blogs or personal Web sites, you can't tell the content,” said Kanoodle president Lance Podell. “You need to offer another way for advertisers to target those sites.”

Kanoodle said it would compile anonymous user profiles, based on traffic to its own publishing sites and through anonymous user data supplied by Web Alliance sites, to serve relevant pay-per-click advertising tied to audience segments. For example, an auto advertiser could bid on displaying text listings to users who have visited auto sites regularly in the past month.

BehaviorTarget will use the same audience segments as defined by 24/7 Real Media.

Podell said behavior targeting would help the paid-listings market grow to its full potential, complementing search and content-targeted listings.

Kanoodle's behavior-targeted paid listings network will steal a march on Tacoda Systems, which plans to unveil its own behavior-targeted paid listings network shortly. 24/7 Real Media plans to track user behavior across the 700 sites in its ad network to build targeted audience segments. Those graphical units will be sold on an impression basis.

Kanoodle advertisers will bid separately for search, contextual and behavior listings. Its KeywordTarget listings appear on meta-search sites, such as WebCrawler and Dogpile. ContextTarget listings appear on CBS MarketWatch and MSNBC.com.

In just a year, Google has grown its AdSense contextual paid listings program to thousands of Web sites. The reach of the program could grow substantially with the official release of Gmail, Google's new free e-mail system that displays text listings next to e-mail messages based on a scan of their content.

Audience targeting has caught on among top Web publishers, many of which have signed deals to use either Tacoda or Revenue Science serve ads based on users' prior site behavior.

In separate behavior-targeting advertising news, Tacoda said it would license its audience-segmenting software to the Burst Media ad network and USNews.com. The company said the deals give it 500 Web publisher representing 70 percent of the North American Internet audience.

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