Kamoon Plays Matchmaker

Kamoon is expected to announce the availability of its Kamoon Knowledge Commerce Solution tomorrow. This software connects qualified online consumers directly with an expert who can answer their questions.

The formal explanation of this company’s “Smart Engine” infrastructure is that it is technology that focuses on real-time, expertise-based interactions and critical human-assisted services online.

In layman’s terms: if a consumer goes to a Web site, he can ask a question via e-mail that is routed to a company’s in-house or outsourced expert. This model can be applied to banner ads, live chat and other areas of the Internet.

This way, not only is a company exercising superior customer service, said Yali Harari, CEO of Kamoon Inc., Fort Lee, NJ, but “they have also gained a qualified sales lead.”

Client companies can use this technology to ask questions to qualify the consumers. For example, if the company is not interested in households making less than $50,000, those falling within that segment will receive a message explaining that their question will not be answered. These qualifying factors and others can be updated on the fly as market conditions change.

“Traditional businesses that want to offer the best service on the Web will need to add the human element,” said Harari. They can use their “experts to handle complex, non-repetitive answers. This requires a sophisticated routing and matching engine that will utilize the human capital of that organization in the most efficient way. Kamoon routes the right questions to the right expert by matching the content on one hand and the expertise of the expert on the other hand to offer complete customer satisfaction.”

The software provides business intelligence reports so companies can analyze consumers’ questions to get a better handle on their wants and needs.

Kamoon is targeting Fortune 1000 companies specifically in the financial, public and professional services fields as well as medical companies and human resources professionals. Zone Trader, PC Data and Prudential are the company’s first clients.

The software costs $20,000 for 100 experts and $25,000 for implementation. The system can be implemented in less than 30 days. Last month, Kamoon received $23 million in second-round funding led by Patricof & Co. Ventures.

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