Just Searching Around

It seems like the big search engines can do no wrong these days, especially by Wall Street’s standards. Just look at last week’s earnings from Google and Yahoo. Google’s net income nearly sextupled. Since almost all of that comes from ads that are triggered when Web users type certain keywords, that’s astounding. Meanwhile, Yahoo saw its net income double.

What is it about search that has made the world return to the giddy dot-com frenzy of yesteryear? For one, the speed that they introduce new products and features. It’s so fast, who can keep up with what it all means? For instance, I found out the other day why Yahoo’s desktop search function is better than Google’s. In addition, I understand better now why the search engines are so interested in mobile search. I also figured out the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

How did I master all of this? By reading articles by David Pasternack and Bill Wise of Did-it.com and Chris Winfield of 10e20. They are among the regular contributors to our “online exclusive” content at DMNews.com and weekly search engine newsletter.

As far as Google and Yahoo’s mobile versions, Dave and Bill say they don’t differ much from regular search sites. Google offers better options to quickly find information while Yahoo offers more information about local results. Why the interest? “We use search engines to get directions, find local businesses, look up telephone numbers, shop and search for answers and information,” they wrote. “Rarely do we need all that when we are sitting in front of our computers. We need that information on the go – and the Internet has bred us to expect it immediately and for free.”

Microsoft doesn’t want to be left out either. An article from Chris told me about MSN’s new adCenter, which will let advertisers target search customers by demographics obtained by other MSN properties. Want to read more about all this? Go to DMNews.com and search around.

Another Special Delivery

You won’t be seeing Melissa Campanelli’s byline in DM News for the next several weeks. That’s because Melissa and her husband, former DRTV News editor Rob Williams, are the proud parents of Christopher Louis Williams, born April 18. Until Melissa returns, contact Scott Hovanyetz at [email protected] for postal-related stories or me at [email protected] for database/CRM. We wish the Williams family all the best.

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