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JupiterResearch: Concentrated Search Market Suggests Room for Vertical Engines

Paid search spending in the United States is concentrated in the four categories of retail, financial services, media/entertainment and travel, according to a report released yesterday by JupiterResearch, a division of Jupitermedia Corp., New York.

The four categories accounted for 79 percent of the $2.6 billion spent on paid search in 2004.

The report, “Vertical Search: Early Marketers Will Reap Rewards of Low Pricing,” said this finding means the search industry will develop much the same way historical media markets before it have, with the broad-based search engines spawning a raft of vertical engines dedicated to specific categories.

“Broad-based search engines are extremely good at navigating vast amounts of information, but extremely poor at helping a consumer make a purchase decision,” said Niki Scevak, a JupiterResearch analyst. “This creates a large opportunity to enhance the consumer experience with vertical search.”

In the search market overall, rapidly rising keyword prices on broad-based engines soon will stabilize, and industry growth will depend substantially on the incremental value provided by vertical search engines, the report found.

“The trend will cause a sea change in how advertising spending is allocated online and force existing media firms in vertical categories to embrace performance-based advertising pricing models,” Scevak said. “If vertically focused media firms do not seize this opportunity, search engines like Yahoo and Google, as well as a number of established and startup vertical search engines like Shopping.com and Sidestep, will enter to satisfy the market demand.”

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