Julie Springer, CMO, TransUnion

Springer understands that keeping a brand current in its image and offerings is pertinent for growth. That’s why the CMO of credit information giant TransUnion recently led the company’s global rebrand—a hefty feat accomplished in just six months. The rebrand included all facets of messaging, design, digital, advertising, plus internal communications and adoption.

Marketing strategy: I was drawn to marketing by the creative, but my first experiences were in classic direct marketing followed quickly by e-commerce and the concept of conversion—all data-driven. I’ve been lucky enough to have been allowed to apply those experiences to a broad range of marketing, from global rebrands to IPOs, to launching demand- and lead-generation programs, to lots of digital marketing, and more.  They all share a need for clear goal definition—a vision for conversion—no matter the purpose or audience. Conversation is at the center of my strategy.

Winning ways:  2015 was a big year for the TransUnion team. We launched a global rebrand, we went public, and we reinvented our lead-generation process.  With the support of an amazing team, we’ve completely transformed the company’s perception of marketing through the successful implementation of marketing platforms, processes, and tools.

Defining moment: Most of us back into our career paths with more serendipity than strategy, but…a defining moment for me was at the dawn of the Internet when it moved into the B2B space, from brochure-ware to an e-commerce vehicle. I was promoted to lead my company’s direct-to-consumer marketing; and I didn’t know enough to know that I didn’t know anything—and no one else did either—but it all came together, and it propelled my career forward.

Trend watching: In B2B marketing what we’re seeing, finally, is the breaking down of silos between field sales, campaigns, product marketing, and brand. It’s all one thing that equals an effective go-to-market strategy. If everyone walks in the clients’ shoes, then we can think, from end to end, about all touchpoints. The fact that we can make all of them measurable impacts means we can start to see how people interact across all these channels and messages. That may seem like a simple concept but it requires some break-down of traditional areas of ownership and people letting go of some territory on a fluid basis.

Advice to young marketers: Learn, learn, learn. Don’t back yourself into a corner; it’s the integration of various skills—and being able to do so with flexibility—that will make you successful. So, learn how to do lots of different things.

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