**Judge Lets Restraining Order Stand Against MAPS

A federal judge let stand a temporary restraining order against anti-spam advocate Mail Abuse Prevention System preventing it from placing yesmail.com on its Realtime Blackhole List, a yesmail spokesman said after the hearing Friday.

According to reports, the judge agreed to hear arguments over yesmail's petition for a permanent injunction. MAPS claimed partial victory in that the court will now allow it to speak to the press about the lawsuit.

“The ironic thing is that MAPS doesn't make public the list of companies in its database,” Paul Vixie, managing member of MAPS, said in a statement on the MAPS Web site. “Until today, we haven't been able to comment at all on the lawsuit. Yet, without our saying a word, and as a direct result of yesmail's lawsuit and their own statements to the press, dozens of Internet sites are now blocking yesmail's Internet traffic of their own accord.”

Both sides say they welcome the opportunity to establish a legal precedent regarding MAPS' “blacklisting” of companies accused of sending unsolicited commercial e-mail.

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