Judge Halts Telemarketer Offering English Training

A judge in Wake County, NC, ordered a business charged with deception to cease a telemarketing campaign targeting Latino consumers, the North Carolina attorney general's office said last week.

County judge Ripley Rand issued a temporary order against FGH International, which the state attorney general said deceived Spanish-speaking consumers into paying $1,200 for a phony English-lesson program.

According to the attorney general's office, telemarketers for the company told consumers they were selected by the government to receive a subsidized English-language-training program, but that they had to pay one-quarter of the cost. Consumers who gave the telemarketers their billing information were charged but received a videotape only, the attorney general's office said.

FGH conducted a similar scheme offering auto repair training, the attorney general's office said. FGH also was charged with failing to register as a telemarketer in the state.

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