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Judge Bars Telemarketer After Calls Jam Hospital

A federal judge has issued an order against a telemarketer offering satellite television service after the company's calls jammed a hospital's telephone lines, North Carolina attorney general Roy Cooper said yesterday.

TNT DBS Marketing, Arlington, TX, flooded the switchboard at Davie Regional Hospital in Mocksville, NC, with prerecorded calls, Cooper said. The calls, which offered satellite television installation for $29, occurred simultaneously and interrupted phone lines to the hospital's emergency room as well as patient rooms.

U.S. District Judge N. Carlton Tilley Jr. ordered TNT DBS to cease all illegal calls to North Carolina consumers. The attorney general's office also is seeking civil penalties and a permanent injunction against TNT DBS.

In March, the Oklahoma attorney general's office also filed a complaint against TNT DBS, citing illegal prerecorded telemarketing calls that tied up phone lines at a 911 emergency hotline service, a hospital and a police station.

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