Josh Martin, Zenith Optimedia Direct: DMN 2014 40 Under 40 Award winner

Josh Martin
Executive Vice President, Zenith Optimedia Direct

Winning ways: Identifying marketing trends is one thing. Capitalizing on those trends—well, that’s quite another. Martin has managed to zero in on and then take advantage of some of today’s major shifts in direct marketing. Leading the company’s change in focus from DRTV to digital, programmatic, and mobile, Martin has increased revenue by more than 20% in his first year of leading ZODirect, the company’s direct media agency. A problem solver, Martin continues to create innovative solutions that are focused on maximizing customer response and reducing costs for clients. One of his most recent examples: a media lab that allows clients to test campaigns to determine which perform the best.

Defining moment: “Scary, but the defining moment for me was when I marched into the CEO’s office at ID Media and gave her a job description that I had written up for a role that I felt was missing in the company: director of emerging media. It didn’t exist before. It was something I wanted to see in the company, and before I left the office she said, ‘I think it’s a great idea. The job is yours.’ It allowed me to research and develop opportunities for our clients through a direct response lens.”

Words to live by: “Plan today for tomorrow. It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive.”

Head swivel: “I think phone response, or DRTV, is decreasing. There’s this proliferation of digital, online banner ads, programmatic, and mobile. So with those channels, comes new ways of measuring data and consumer response. Nowadays, consumers click the mouse rather than dial the phone.”

Good advice: “Don’t overthink, use common sense, and when you’re creating ideas, think like the consumer. I mean did QR Codes ever make much sense for a quick TV ad?”

First job: A counselor at a daycare camp.

Currently reading: The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

Favorite mobile app: “Verizon Fios. I can record on my DVR with my app…I love NFL games.”

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