Jockey bares all in first catalog

With green marketing on the rise, Jockey mailed its first catalog this month – in a resource-friendly format. Its 44-page slim jim catalog is printed on recycled paper and uses environmentally-sound inks. The piece arrived in homes the week of May 5 showcasing the underwear brand’s wide selection of products, styles and colors.

Jockey “will be using the catalog and direct mail to highlight what’s new,” said Christopher Smith, VP of e-commerce and catalogs at, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jockey International Inc. “The company makes a lot of products and customers don’t always get to see them all.” Some of the brand’s most popular items will also be on display, such as basic white underwear.

The catalog will also be used to test new products, such as the Euro Sport men’s line of high-performance underwear, which is currently only available through the catalog and on the Web site.

“Jockey has been using the Web site to test products for years,” Smith said. “This testing is enhanced with the richness of the catalog format and the two working hand in hand makes a big difference.”

The catalog’s role will as both a sales channel and brand-builder. “There’s a natural intersection between Jockey’s brand promise and what the product delivers on,” Smith said, adding that the company is hoping the catalog will deliver on this as well. The catalog includes an order form and has many call outs directing readers to the Web site for a wider selection. Consumer reviews of many of the products are also featured.

The list of Jockey customers was compiled from the company’s Web site, loyalty program and 100 corporate-owned stores. The target audience is consumers who lead an active, youthful-inspired lifestyle.

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