J.L. Halsey shows off ClickTracks acquisition

SAN FRANCISCO — Tens of thousands of people are marketing digitally today who weren’t three years ago, J.L. Halsey said on the opening day of DMA*06.

The marketing conglomerate has a huge booth in the interactive exhibitor hall to promote its host of brands, including the recently acquired ClickTracks, which J.L. Halsey purchased to further integrate its platform.

“There are a lot of partnerships these days, but without one person leading the two firms, integration can be unsuccessful,” said David Burt, CEO at J.L. Halsey, Wilmington, DE. “We have everything under the same umbrella, so it makes integration much easier.”

J.L. Halsey targets small to midsize business-to-business customers and aims to provide what it sees as the three main components to digital marketing: e-mail, Web content and analytics.

To do this, the firm owns brands like e-mail marketing firms Lyris and EmailLabs, content manager Hot Banana and analytics firm ClickTracks.

To introduce its newly acquired property to the market, J.L. Halsey is offering a 20 percent discount to existing customers who sign up with any new service. For example, customers of Lyris who are interested in adding a year of ClickTracks can receive 20 percent off that service.

The goal of offering all of these services is to give marketers the tools to create campaigns and take stress off the IT people. These tools include having templates into which marketers can plug information.

“I used to think of templates as low end, but today the designs can be much more professional,” said Loren McDonald, chief marketing officer at J.L. Halsey.

One undisclosed client minimized 25 landing pages from Google AdWords down to one central page, easing the labor of tracking all 25 pages. Having a centralized landing page goes back to the bottom line.

“The reason that Google AdWords is because they make marketers money,” Mr. Burt said.

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