J.L. Halsey seeks name change

Marketing firm J.L. Halsey will seek stockholder approval to change its name to Lyris Solutions Inc. at the company’s annual stockholder meeting later this summer.

Upon stockholder approval, the company will adopt a new trading symbol that has yet to be determined.

J.L. Halsey is the parent company of e-mail marketing firms Lyris Technologies, EmailLabs and Sparklist, as well as Web analytics firm ClickTracks and Web content management company Hot Banana.

The request comes just after the company appointed two new members to its board of directors, Luis Rivera, president/CEO of J.L. Halsey, and James A. Urry, a partner at Court Square Capital.

Mr. Rivera was named CEO of the J.L. Halsey in May after being appointed interim CEO in January. Before that, he was the company’s chief operating officer and served as CEO of its two largest subsidiaries, Lyris Technologies and EmailLabs.

Before joining Court Square Capital, Mr. Urry was a partner at Citigroup Venture Capital Ltd. from 1989 to 2006. He serves on the boards of directors of AMIS Holdings Inc. and Intersil Corp.

Stockholders will be asked to reelect them to full terms at the upcoming annual meeting.

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