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Jivox launches brand engagement lift technology

Jivox, a video advertising technology company, has added Brand Engagement Lift (BEL) to its interactive video engagement analytics offering, says Jivox founder and CEO Diaz Nesamoney. The new feature measures the increase in a viewer’s engagement time beyond the length of the pre-roll video ad.

BEL, now live on Jivox’s platform BrandGage, was partly inspired by the results of a recent study Jivox conducted on the ROI of its interactive video ads, Nesamoney says, adding that the study analyzed 259 of Jivox’s video campaigns — across all vertical industry segments — run in the last year. The study also measured the amount of time users spent engaging with the advertisement’s interactive video features, for example, playing games, using social media or viewing photo galleries.

“We wanted to be able to quantitatively point brands to how much more they can engage viewers with interactive features,” says Nesamoney. “Some campaigns had extraordinarily high levels of engagement.” Certain interactive video campaigns accrued as much as two minutes of viewer engagement, a total which includes the 30 second pre-roll ad time within, he says.

“The study showed a 49% lift in engagement,” Nesamoney says. If one were to round that number up to 50%, “a 30-second commercial [with] interactive video features essentially gives your brand an extra 15 seconds of lift,” he says.

BEL does not break down for brands precisely which interactive features grabbed a consumer’s attention and Nesamoney concedes that creative content such as games, animation and social media features each accounted for roughly half of the successes. “With the Range Rover ad, for instance, the video content really helped. But in the case of an ad that may be funny or amusing, social sharing was highest,” he says, pointing particularly to Facebook “likes” and shares.

The least time-generating features were sections in the ad that asked for registration or showed consumers where to buy. “This is reflective of the fact that only a small percentage of those watching an ad are in the mode to purchase,” Nesamoney says.

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