Jigsaw CRM product deals with incomplete, inaccurate data

Jigsaw, an online directory of business contacts and company information built through its international membership, has unveiled Jigsaw Clean and Jigsaw Team, products aimed at helping companies update and maintain their CRM systems.

Introduced on September 17, Jigsaw Clean, a subscription-based service cleans, maintains, builds and updates the data in corporate CRM systems automatically and at regular intervals. Jigsaw Clean was built to work in tandem with Jigsaw Team. It connects an organization’s entire sales team through a single online database and ensures that a company’s sales group can procure essential contact information.

Virtually every company in every industry is plagued by incomplete or inaccurate CRM data, said Jim Fowler, CEO of Jigsaw.

“Providing employees with easy access to accurate and relevant contacts improves a team’s prospecting efficiency by allowing them to spend more time closing deals rather than researching them,” Fowler said. He then added, “With Jigsaw Team, in the event that an employee leaves the company, those contacts don’t leave with them, they stay in the database.

“The newly released Jigsaw Clean is also important because it is an affordable and reliable way for companies to keep their databases accurate,” Fowler said.

Jigsaw Clean works by comparing its data to a company’s data: Jigsaw flags old records, augments incomplete ones, updates inaccuracies and deletes the duplicates.

Jigsaw, based in San Mateo, CA, has a directory of more than 6.5 million contacts, which is maintained by its community of more than 300,000 members.

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