JetBlue has shown its ability to distinguish itself in a competitive and commoditized industry. A central tenet is its laser focus on the customer, whether in its simple customer bill of rights, its aptly-named TrueBlue frequent flyer program, or its e-mail strategy, which includes customer surveys and other opportunities for customer dialogue. That focus resonates with customers, who tend to be fiercely loyal to JetBlue.

JetBlue continues to innovate. It relaunched its loyalty program in September. The makeover included re-thinking the traditional frequent-flyer model by changing the way points are earned and redeemed.

“The original program was put together seven years ago, and had more or less run its course because we were starting to realize the customers weren’t getting the value they should,” Dave Canty, director of loyalty marketing and partnerships for JetBlue, told DMNews. “It was rewarding the very frequent traveler, and we really wanted to ensure that we were giving value to all of our customers.”

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