Janel Laravie, Founder and CEO, Chacka Marketing

Janel Laravie has more than 15 years of product, marketing, and business management experience and serves as a thought leader in the digital marketing industry.

Laravie founded Chacka with the vision of offering digital marketing expertise to advertisers, focusing on a high level of technological integration that provides efficiencies to everyday digital marketing campaign management.

Marketing strategy: Spend every possible dollar capturing existing demand before spending one dollar creating more demand.

Defining moment: The president of a company I once worked for sat me down and told me I had a bright future there, but that I needed to distinguish between the right things and wrong things to learn
from others. This blunt conversation made me bucket my experiences into two categories: emulate or avoid, which has helped me learn from all of my experiences — good and bad.

Advice to young marketers: You will never know it all, so be eager to learn and understand differing perspectives.

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