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Jane Reaches Young Women

Mailers looking to target twentysomething men have a range of publications to choose from — Details, Men's Health, Maxim — but finding a similar audience of women has been problematic. That has changed with the introduction of the Jane magazine mailing list by American List Counsel.

“We launched Jane because we felt no magazine was effectively addressing this important segment of women,” said Jane publisher Lorin Litner. “Rather than publish advice on how to 'trap a man' or 'flatten your tummy,' Jane celebrates this exciting period in a woman's life.”

Jane, which appeals to a trendy, sophisticated audience of women ages 18-34, has grown its circulation to nearly 400,000 in just one year since its launch. The magazine is edited by publishing pioneer Jane Pratt, creator of the teen publication Sassy and addresses young women as peers. Story topics range from music and travel to fiction and women's rights.

ALC, Princeton, NJ, has brought the file to the market with a universe of 365,000 subscribers.

“They're young, but they're not your typical dumb blonde only caring about fashion and how they look,” said ALC account manager Craig Modugno. “[Jane] likes to consider its subscribers twentysomething but smart and hip. They're educated, active and smart.”

Modugno noted that a growing number of college students are being converted into subscribers. He said Jane subscribers — who have an average income of $52,000 — are good prospects for apparel, books, music, gifts, home decor and lifestyle magazine offers.

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