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Iworks, NBC 5 Plan Online Business Directory

Iworks, Chicago, a technology utility company, and NBC 5, the NBC TV station in Chicago, have partnered to create NBC 5 Plaza, an online directory of Chicago businesses that delivers hosting and access to a personalized, three-page Web site at no charge to the business owner.

Targeted to Chicago's small- and medium-sized businesses that have been kept out of competing on the Internet due to economic or technological barriers, NBC 5 Plaza will list the entire Chicago business community, creating an online area directory with no obstacles to entry.

The businesses will not be charged for their listings, nor will there be third-party advertisers imposed on their Web site. Each three-page Web site will include: a home page; business name, address, phone number and hours of operation; an “about” page; company background, promotions/special offers and other information; and a page including descriptions of a company's products and services.

NBC 5 Plaza will be accessible to all Chicago-area businesses, whether the business owner has a Web site, or if the business owner does not own a computer.

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