It’s time to test

Now is the time to do something bold in your testing for the survival of your publication. It is a perfect time to aggressively test and learn valuable lessons for when the economy does return. Offers, such as premiums, “2 years for one price,” gifts, etc., should be tested aggressively. Be bold in testing your creative. Try out new messaging and new graphics that push the envelope.  Keep in mind that you’re gearing up for a big splash when the economy returns. 

Now is the time to test new channels.  Invest in new sources of revenue, whether new media channels or partnership opportunities.  Insert media, DRTV, Internet marketing, and social media are all channels that should be explored to gauge profitability and future viability.  One traditional direct response client has engaged us to manage its social media strategy.  Exploring a new channel during these tough economic times could lead to a huge opportunity to promote your brand as well as increase internet traffic, drive leads and build new revenue.  

Now is the time to initiate and test new partnerships.  Leverage all your relationships to create new sources of revenue opportunity.  The Internet is the land of opportunity and deals can be had on a performance basis. 

Now is the time for the survival of the fittest and survival will come to those who are smart in their promotion creativity, are able to successfully introduce new channels, and who develop low risk-high reward partnerships.  

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