It’s not just for sexting! A UK electronics store uses Snapchat for a marketing

Although it’s better known for being the sexting tool of choice for teens, could Snapchat be the next big social media marketing tool? A UK retailer seems to think so.

Instead of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Co-operative Electrical has chosen to do its first social media promotion on Snapchat, the photo-sharing app that deletes sent photos, after a set number of seconds. The promotion targets students and will send them a code via Snapchat, entitling them to a £30 discount on laptops. The code will “self destruct” or disappear after a few seconds of being opened, giving the activity an element of exclusivity and urgency. 

The goal is to get students to add Co-operative Electrical as a friend on Snapchat so they can keep receiving promotional offers. The campaign will run until October 11, targeting students as they prepare for the start of the school year.

Speaking to Marketing Magazine UKGail Lyon, social media lead for the Co-operative Group, said: “It’s the first social campaign that The Co-operative Electrical has done, and the business is the first big retailer to market using Snapchat.

She added, “Following this Snaptop campaign, we will be following up with two further social media campaigns, both with the intention of increasing awareness and consideration.” 

Brands such as MTV UK and frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles have already used Snapchat in their marketing campaigns, and more companies testing the app’s potential as a promotional tool. With nearly 8 million adult users in the US and a young, rapidly growing demographic, it’s only a matter of time before everyone catches on.

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