It’s Not Digital Marketing; It’s Just Marketing

I find it interesting how some marketers still make the distinction between digital and other types of marketing. Most all of marketing has several digital elements—even direct mail pieces are collated, designed, and distributed with an infusion of digital strategy and technology.

Recently, a reader of Direct Marketing News wrote an interesting comment in reaction to one of our articles, Direct Mail Has a Greater Effect on Purchase Than Digital Ads. The article featured results from a recent Temple University study that asserted direct mail tops digital media for engagement time, recall, and ultimate purchase. There are certainly some compelling statistics.

But the fervent reader, Michael Bann, responded with an interesting and noteworthy reaction. He wrote:

Personally, I would like less focus on raising any one channel’s arm in victory. I’m sure digital channel advocates have conducted a study with conflicting results. The reality is that true success lies in the balance of effective cross-channel. Often those digital ads that might not be clicked on can have an impact on conversions. Marketing is not a zero sum game, and testing has already proven that.

Continue to run digital ads; continue to use direct mail; continue to test. (Edited for clarity)

I found the comment interesting because I realized that even we, the editors at DMN, often make that distinction and focus more on channels rather than strategy, trends, and the holistic picture. I believe there are marketers out there who are more focused on the consumer rather than whether one channel trumps the other.

So, this week I thought I’d highlight a few marketers who are creating campaigns that are rooted in an omnichannel approach—that are meeting customers wherever they are at any time—with videos, mobile, direct mail, email, etc. Share some of your favorite campaigns that embrace myriad strategies and channels.

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