It’s Happening: Washers Can Order Their Own Detergent from Amazon.

Marketers already have a hard enough time courting prospects from a digitally engaged and seemingly all-knowing consumer base. Now they have to figure out how to win new business from washing machines that automatically re-order Tide and dog bowls that digitally replenish supplies of Ken-L Ration. The Internet of Things is becoming a real thing on Amazon.

The mega-marketplace’s Dash buttons already allow people to re-order favorite products with the press of a button on small devices such as the one pictured above. Now it has announced that 11 manufacturers signed on to a Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) that will allow inanimate objects to place orders themselves. General Electric, Oster, Samsung, and Sealed Air lead the list.

“Customers don’t have to do anything—they can simply rely on the connected device to automatically re-order the consumables that keep their homes running smoothly,” said Amazon Devices VP Peter Larsen in a press release. “DRS makes it easy to add re-ordering functionality to their devices.”

GE will add the DRS capability to a new high-efficiency washer featuring Wi-Fi capability and an app allowing customers to manage laundry tasks from their smartphones. DSR will work in concert with GE’s SmartDispense technology to let the appliance send word to Amazon to send more detergent.

In addition to letting pet owners know how much Fido is eating when they’re away from home, Obe’s ProBowl will manage the pet’s food and give Amazon the high sign to send more when the supply’s low. “We want to avoid those last minute, ‘OMG who’s going to pick up pet food?’ moments,” said Obe CEO Hilary Jensen Wade.

Samsung laser printers will be using DRS to automatically order toner refills, Sutro smart pool monitors will summon up chemicals, and Sealed Air’s Diversey Care unit will hook its Soft Care Connected commercial hand soap dispensers to DRS to procure soap refills.

Also enlisted in Amazon’s DRS program are August, Gmate, Oster, Petnet, CleverPet, and Thync.

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