Italian Post Sees Better Mail Volume, Quality

NEW YORK — The Italian postal service has seen more cross-border and in-country mail volume as a result of a quality of service program formed by the European Union Postal Directive in 2002 and monitored by an independent organization of postal administrations.

Under the quality of service program, if postal organizations meet or exceed delivery targets they receive additional funds.

“Quality of service has been very good for us,” said Massimo Sarmi, CEO of Poste Italiane, who spoke to reporters at a media breakfast here yesterday. “Our volumes have increased as well as the overall service quality of our mail.”

Sarmi also noted a rise in direct mail in the country.

In addition to ensuring universal postal service, Poste Italiane offers communication, logistics and financial services throughout Italy. With 150,000 employees, 14,000 post offices, 140 branches and nine territorial areas, it handles 10 million dispatches daily — including letters, commercial correspondence, catalogs and magazines — and 200,000 express courier shipments.

Poste Italiane likely will be privatized by 2007, Sarmi said, and it is studying a model already in use in the Netherlands and Germany.

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