Is Data Security Only a Myth? [Infographic]

Data security shouldn’t be up to the fates; yet many consumers feel like it’s out of their control.  

According to SAS’s recent survey of 4,368 global consumers, 62% are worried about what businesses do with their personal information. More than a quarter think they have zero control over the personal data they share with businesses, and only one third of respondents say companies are good at updating them on changes to their data usage policies.

Ungodly data violations, such as breaches and hacks, have only heightened these anxieties. In fact, 63% of respondents say news of these events has made them more concerned about the security of their data. Still, consumers are willing to put their data on the line for the right offer. Nearly three quarters of respondents (72%) are willing to provide their email address in exchange for personalized discounts and coupons; 68% are willing to do the same for special occasion promotions.

Although revamping modern data practices will be a true odyssey, marketers must become the heroes today’s consumers need. How? Start by checking out the infographic below and identifying their top concerns.

*Statistics represent consumers who somewhat/strongly agree, are somewhat/strongly concerned, or somewhat/strongly feel confident.

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