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Irving Wunderman Award – Alfonso Marian, Shackleton

The Irving Wunderman Award is named after the inspirational copywriter and agency founder. The award is given to a person who has developed talent, imagination, curiosity and passion into a creative body of work over time. This year’s winner, Alfonso Marian, executive creative director of direct and digital at Shackleton, Madrid, now stands among them.

“Alfonso is a unique mixture: a rare and explosive combination of creative talent, common sense and work force,” said Pablo Alzugaray, president and CEO of Shackleton, who has worked with Alfonso for 15 years. “Many of his campaigns are among the best in the world. You’d think he’d relax, but when he comes in to share a new idea, his eyes still sparkle like they did when I met him. He is a ‘grand’ art director and acclaimed creative director, especially in digital and direct marketing. Above all, Alfonso has an extraordinary sensibility to give birth to ideas that work and connect with people.”

Marian began his career as an art director at CP Proximity in 1994, where he started to amass his phenomenal collection of awards. They include metal of every kind from local, regional, national and international shows. He rose to executive creative director in 2001.

It was joining Shackleton, soon after it was launched, that has really filled the trophy shelves. The majority of his and the agency’s 70-plus international awards have been achieved during his time there. Marian has been recognized by the 2009 Won Report as the most awarded creative director in the world.

Despite his Madrid roots, Marian seems to lean toward American culture: he has played in and coached an American football league in Spain for 10 years. He holds the Spanish national record for the number of cans of Coca-Cola drunk in one day. Finally, he is one of the founding members of Madrid’s “Chuletour” (T-Bone Tour), which comprises ordering and evaluating the t-bone steaks at every Madrid restaurant he visits. –Duncan Gray

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