IRA Fills Smaller List Orders Online

Businesses that need to generate prospect lists in quantities too small to meet minimum list rental standards can build customized lists in real time by accessing a new online database developed by I Rent America (IRA).

IRA, Richardson, TX, a division of KnowledgeBase, has made its AmeriLink database of more than 175 million people available online to give medium and smaller companies the same level of service previously available only to large-volume clients.

“We [had] struggled to assist the user who needed a very small quantity of records,'' said IRA president Mike Hail. “With the introduction of Data On Demand, we can service all our customers.”

Users simply visit the Data on Demand Web site ( and click their way through specific list criteria driven by ZIP code and demographic characteristics. A list count and price is returned within seconds. Online delivery is cheaper than mailing disks or tapes, which results in lower list rental fees, and no minimum order is required.

Data on Demand was created for independent insurance agents who were looking for small mailing lists to purchase every week and is applicable to companies in any vertical market orientation. IRA is in the process of creating lists customized to each specific vertical market for users that lack the marketing savvy to make their own selections.

“Users purchase names in the dollar amount that they can support,'' Hail said. “They're also buying our marketing expertise. Regardless of the vertical market, we can establish some list selections.''

In the case of a corporation, the Web site can manage the distribution of marketing data from a headquarters, where tracking and analysis is done, to the branch or field offices, where the actual selling is performed.

As the Data on Demand Web site is further upgraded, IRA expects to offer three tiers of service:

* The first tier will target small business users with general list count functions.

* The second tier will target branch offices of a larger corporation and involve consultation with corporate headquarters to tailor use of the Web site.

* The third tier, not yet available, will present clients with list choices geared to a specific market based on data mining, analysis and other services.

IRA has posted qualified leads on the Web site for an insurance client and this processing of prospects through a database to produce leads will be another future offering.

“We focus on turnkey integrated solutions for large clients,'' said John Roberson, senior vice president at KnowledgeBase. “We can now offer the same engine, the same delivery system but as a way to centrally manage retail locations. Now you have a process to manage those store managers, those entrepreneurs across the country.”

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