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I/PRO Product Safeguards Brands on Web

Interactive audience measurement firm I/PRO Corp. today debuts BrandGuard Content Audit, a service that claims to help advertisers protect their brands over the Internet.

The service comes soon after Yahoo announced the closure last week of hundreds of user-created chat rooms.

The announcement also follows the I/PRO acquisition this month of Accrue and Datanautics' technology assets.

Advertisers like Kraft Foods, State Farm Insurance, Georgia-Pacific and PepsiCo pulled out after their ads appeared on Yahoo user-created chat rooms with objectionable content. These advertisers and others like them have little control over where their ads appear, especially on an ad network.

I/PRO, San Francisco, worked with ad networks to develop its new service. The BrandGuard Content Audit is based on technology from I/PRO and Lexalytics. The service offers an in-depth view of interactive content across portals, search engines, ad networks, chat rooms, Web sites, blogs, RSS feeds and instant messenger. I/PRO analysts review the audits.

Plans call for extending the audit to mobile marketing, in-game and interactive television.

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