IPost Delivers Libida.com E-Mail for Mary Magdalene DVD

Female sexuality educational site Libida.com used iPost to launch an e-mail campaign promoting a new DVD about the intimate life of Mary Magdalene called “Magdalene Unveiled -The Ancient and Modern Sacred Prostitute.”

Libida.com, Novato, CA, timed the campaign for this new informational DVD on Mary Magdalene to coincide with the release of Columbia Pictures’ summer blockbuster, “The Da Vinci Code,” paralleling the content about sacred sexuality in both films.

Libida.com  used iPost, San Francisco, for the e-mail software to help with deliverability and avoid spam filters. The sensitive subject of female sexuality makes marketing to women difficult.

In fact, the sexual content of the Libida.com caused the firm’s e-mails to be blocked in the past. Yahoo and Google put Libida in a section that cost more and that most women – Libida.com’s target audience – avoid.

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