iPhone Season Approaches

Apple customers and fans have been bombarded with leaked images, specification, and even video of the forthcoming iPhone 6 throughout the year. Apple isn’t set to formally announce the device until next week (September 9), but that hasn’t slowed the deluge of reports and speculation, which has managed to increase further over the past couple of weeks with some fans already queuing up outside of stores. Among the slew of reports, the sixth iPhone will sport a near-field communications (NFC) chip.

If proven true next week, Apple’s adoption of NFC technology will be a rallying call to the mobile payments field, which Google has courted for several years. Indeed, Bloomberg reports that Apple is in talks with Mastercard and Visa on a mobile payments partnership. Though Google has worked within the NFC/mobile payment field for some time now, Apple’s late arrival could be the boost the industry needs.

Apple’s true plans will be revealed soon enough; in the meantime, conversation and hype will continue to permeate the Web.

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