Investors Want Company Updates by E-Mail

Many investors want news about the companies they invest in immediately, and they want that information through e-mail.

In a recent study by online financial media network OneFN, 71 percent of shareholders want the companies they invested in to e-mail news to them upon release. About 63 percent want public companies to e-mail earnings reports to them as issued, and 48 percent want new product announcements sent to them immediately by e-mail.

“Shareholders increasingly demand immediate communications from the companies in which they invest,” said Eric Masella, vice president of OneFN Direct. “E-mail is the ideal medium to communicate quickly and effectively with these savvy investors.”

The survey also said that 48 percent of respondents relied less on analyst recommendations now than they did in the '90s. Only 18.4 percent said they were more reliant on analyst recommendations. Two-thirds said they had at least one stock that has lost more than 90 percent of its value in the past two years, and more than 40 percent said they suffered similar losses on multiple stocks.

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