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Introduction to the DM News essential guide to lists, database marketing & data services

In the world of lists and database marketing services, 2007 is going to be a busy year, with many challenges and opportunities.

Many of these challenges and opportunities are discussed here in DM News’ second annual “Essential Guide to Lists, Database Marketing & Data Services.”

The magazine supplement comprises more than 60 articles from industry leaders that offer research and how-to tips on lists, database marketing/CRM and data services for customer acquisition, retention and reactivation.

It is positioned as a complement to DM News’ continued print and online coverage of response-oriented, multichannel marketing.

Topics such as e-mail marketing, merge/purge – the mysterious process that occurs between list purchase and mailing – customer-centric master data management and prospect databases are covered here.

So are marketing databases, marketing analytics, voice broadcasting, Web 2.0 technologies, customer optimization, multichannel marketing, performance cooperatives, data quality, modeling and business intelligence.

Other topics discussed include enhancing list rental files, list negotiations, on-demand targeting, measuring media effectiveness, prospecting for new list business, and the benefits of striking a balance between response and compiled lists.

Articles about business-to-business, healthcare and international lists are included as are pieces on baby boomers, singles, Hispanics and new movers. Also, the guide covers European privacy issues and how to remain responsible list and data providers.

Make sure to read the Q&A with infoUSA chairman/CEO Vin Gupta, who plays a pivotal role in shaping the lists and database markets. Mr. Gupta offers insights into how the database marketing industry will grow in 2007. Also, check out Leon Henry’s article about family businesses in the list industry. This makes critical reading what with the wave of mergers and acquisitions, with family firms relinquishing control to bigger corporations.

Just entering the world of lists and database marketing? Make sure your first read is Jeff Johnson’s “Navigating the world of data and data broker.” Mr. Johnson, vice president of sales at AccuData America, gives an overview of the basics.

Or, are you an advanced database marketer? Then start with Judy A. Bayer’s discussion of 10 ways power marketers can drive high-speed results.

Many thanks to all the contributors and columnists – all DM industry experts, each one of them – who help make this book a must-read and year-round keepsake.

Thanks also to art director Gina Capone and graphic designer Robert Falcone for their help, hard work and unique eye for design. Also, thanks to DM News editor in chief Mickey Alam Khan for his guidance.

Please turn every page of this entire guide and feel free to e-mail those marketers who have contributed to make this book essential reading.

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