Introducing “Spotlight on SiriusDecisions”

SiriusDecisions is a global B2B research and advisory firm, empowering marketing, product, and sales leaders to make precise decisions based on the best research, advice, tools, templates, and data. At SiriusDecisions Summit 2018, held in Las Vegas this week, DMN Editor-in-Chief Kim Davis sat down to record a series of podcasts on some of the most exciting — and complex — challenges facing B2B businesses today.

In the first podcast, published today, he hosts a discussion between Matt Senatore and Bob Peterson on the practicalities of implementing an ABM strategy, including the key need for marketing and sales alignment, and the importance of an over-arching strategy. Senatore and Peterson also look at emerging trends in the ABM space

In subsequent podcasts in the series, you’ll hear about the opportunities created by GDPR; about how enabling your partners can promote a successful channel marketing strategy; about best practices in customer engagement; and about where AI fits into all this.

SiriusDecisions develops frameworks and templates which make sense of B2B marketing, sales, and product strategies. They’re built by researchers — mostly former analysts and practitioners — and refined through close engagement with SiriusDecision’s client base. But they’re not static blueprints: They’re validated by ongoing research, and they evolve and develop in response to insights generated by implementation. In this series, get a snapshot of SiriusDecision’s current best thinking — and some revealing glimpses of the future.

The first podcast publishes as 12 noon ET today. The series will continue on May 15, 17, 22, and 24. All the podcasts will be hosted on our podcast page.

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